Fragile is Riku Lehtopolku’s choreography for three acrobats. The performers, Matti Koskela, Ile Poikela and Haidi Sadonkorpi weave and intertwine in this kinetic tapestry combining dance and acrobatics. Sound artist Mikko H. Haapoja will both compose the music for the performance and perform it live with cello and Finnish bowed lyre.
Through the media of acrobatics and dance, Fragile explores interpersonal dependency and interaction by movement.
The performance approaches virtuosity with humanity and gentleness and attempts to create a space based on trust, openness and acceptance. The choreography makes room for tenderness and reciprocal support and examines a delicate interaction that allows everyone to be seen and even a quiet presence heard. The performers support each other in the midst of complex kinetic compositions while sensing each others’ faint physical suggestions

Duration: 55min
World premiere: Kulttuurikeskus Caisa, 15.09.2022

Genre: Contemporary circus