Life After

Life After is an audiovisual contemporary circus show that deals with the phenomena of space and the relativity of time and reality. The show bends familiar thought patterns to present alternative explanations in the universe. Elements the show combines include the illusion of weightlessness, balancing, disappearing body parts and ruling of the universe. What is the importance of things you can see and those that are invisible?

Life After is produced by Circus and music Association Agit- Cirk in collaboration with the -team. was established by circus artist Vilhelmiina Sinervo and it is focused on showing the world from a different angle to create touching moments with circus and audiovisual elements.

Supporters: Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Jenny ja Antti Wihuri Foundation, Samuel Huber Foundation, Oskar Öflund Foundation

Duration: 35 min
World premiere: 25.5.2022 Teatteri Telakka, Tampere, Suomi

Genre: Contemporary circus


Vilus.art_Life After_teaser_1 from Vilus Art on Vimeo.