Vaarna is a surrealistic performance where installation art, juggling and physical theatre meets in obscure environment.

A performance that guides our senses in a hypnotic and mesmerising ways. With kinetic sculptures and big objets manipulated by two jugglers, Vaarna brings out the beauty of a simple graphical forms by turning them into eccentric visual experiences.

Graphical shapes and scenographical elements of the performance becomes plastic art in the hands of the jugglers and surrealistic physical theatre creates playful images to present their personal obsessions as artists.

Cognitive, spontaneous creativity of juggling and objet manipulation is mixed with technological approaches such as computer guided, accurate strobe lights and motors are transfering the energy of
the objets and bodies to provokes the creative mind of the audience.

Vaarna is result of a two years of collaboration between the jugglers, light designer and sound designer interested in creating a performance which gathers their different art forms into a unifying kinetic and disorienting exprerience of motion and mood. Together, creating a performance
like a visual stream of consciousness, a real treat for eyes and mind.

Duration: 60 min
World premiere: 2021

Genre: Contemporary circus