Winner of the 2019 “Pikku-Itu” award from the Association of Finnish Children’s Cultural Centres, Sandbox is a contemporary circus show taking place in children’s everyday environment: a playground sandpit. An archaeologist-geographer-sandologist arrives to a regular sandpit to carry out her very serious and important sand experiments. Only to soon find out that the sandpit isn´t as ordinary as it seemed to be... Using the sand as a prop, set, costume and stage Sandbox creates playful visual and physical comedy that appeals to the whole family.

Henni Kervinen is a clown and circus artist. After completing her studies in circus and physical theatre, Henni has collaborated and performed in various productions internationally e.g. in Finland, Germany, UK and USA.

Laura Tuorila is a dancer and spatial designer (MA), who works across the disciplines of dance, circus, spatial art and design. Laura currently divides her time between landscape architecture and the performing arts.

Kallo Collective is an award-winning physical theatre and contemporary circus company focused on non-verbal productions with comedy at their core. Since 2010 the company´s performances have charmed their audiences touring on 5 different continents.

Duration: n. 30 min
World premiere: 14.6.2019, Vihertien asukaspuisto, Vantaa, Finland

Genre: Contemporary circus, For all ages