Fish up a Tree

Fish up a Tree is a circus performance of three buddies whose lives are filled with blunders and surprising moments. One of the bunch is a climber rushing back and forth, the second is a dreamer seeking for balance and the third an absent-minded and playful builder. The co-operation between these three isn’t always easy because they often pursue the same goals but by quite different means. Like one funny day when they decided to build a peculiar apparatus each in their own style, of course...

Fish Up A Tree is a mesmerizing contemporary circus performance for children by Blind Gut Company (FIN). The performance addresses social challenges that are part of the life of the kids: difficulties in co-operation, fights and making up. Besides important themes, empathy and co-operation, Fish up a Tree provides fun and imaginative circus for all ages. The performance contains skillful aerial acrobatics, object manipulation and slack rope dancing.

Duration: 35
World premiere: 19.5.2019 Kulttuurikeskus Stoa, Helsinki

Genre: Contemporary circus, For all ages


Kuin kala puussa / Fish up a Tree -trailer from BLIND GUT COMPANY on Vimeo.

Fish up a Tree Pitch from BLIND GUT COMPANY on Vimeo.