Cuckoo! Who is hiding, what is hidden? Hiding is a clown solo for young children, especially 2-3-year-olds. Join Tyyppä the Clown in hide and seek to find surprising things and emotions.

Non-verbal performance includes clown games, interaction with audience and improvisation. Shared performance space emphasises close connection with children.

Taina Mäki-Iso and Heini Kiamiri have created together the performance Hiding. These experienced artists have also co-worked before, making performances for young audiences. Mäki-Iso is a well-known clown, director and teacher in Finland. She has also performed as a clown in Austria, France, United Arab Emirates, Spain, Benin and the Czech Republic. Scenographer Kiamiri has worked widely in the fields of theatre, film and television in Finland. Currently, she investigates a child-oriented way to design scenography as a doctoral candidate at Aalto University.

Duration: 40 min
World premiere: 1.11.2019 Kukkuu! -festivaali, Vantaa

Genre: For all ages