2+2+2 is a contemporary circus performance where four artist use
dance and circus shamelessly as their playground.
This show is about skill, absurd humor and exploring different roles
of men and women in the absence of a narrative frame.
We approach the research from our own perspective as men and
women. We search our own primitive way to move to find a way to
express with a blank body not with a role. If we remove the most
common external signs of men and women, are they still visible for
the spectator or can the spectator see us as a moving object, not part
of the society?
The movement is alternating between poetically beautiful and
tragically dark where the performers toss themselves
roughly against each other until they blend together.
Their unique movement articulate about little stories with
allusion of equality and gender.

Duration: 45 min
World premiere: 15.11.2019 Stoa, Helsinki

Genre: Contemporary circus