Sirkus Supiainen is a Finnish contemporary circus company that operates widely in the rich field of performing arts.

Sirkus Supiainen combines circus, theatre, puppetry and performance art in its performances. We are open-minded and we love to break boundaries between arts. We believe in travelling against the current. We believe in constant exploring and love. Our company’s name means small shrew. They, like us, live fast and with passion and are in constant investigation of habitat.

SIRKÜS will take you to the world of traditional circus at its peak and full glory. Fun and excitement for all ages. SIRKÜS is what you see when you close your eyes and think how circus was like in movies when you were a kid and looked through a broken window of an old circus wagon.

During the show, you’ll meet a French animal trainer, a suffering circus animal, some South American jugglers, a super talented ventriloquist and much more. Everything feels a little bit of a scam, but that’s exactly what circus is all about! In K.S. Stanislawski’s words “Sirküs – Circus is the best place in the world!”

Duration: 55min
World premiere: 29.11.2018 NÄYTTÄMÖ, Joensuu

Genre: Contemporary circus, Classical circus, For all ages