Number of performances given by Finnish circus companies increased

The number of circus performances compiled in the statistics of 2014 was altogether 1.406. Out of these the contemporary circus companies produced altogether 1.165 performances.

The aggregate attendance of the circus performances was 365.983 spectators in 2014. Out of these performances the contemporary circus companies gathered an audience of 168 599 spectators.

The 2014 figures for traditional circus show a decrease by 5% (12 performances) in number of performances and 14% (31.605 spectators) in number of spectators.

Instead the figures for circus companies and the circus center show an increase by 19% in the number of performances (187 performances) and by 30% in the number of spectators (38.605 spectators).

Circus companies and the circus center organised altogether 722 performances in Finland (in 2013: 639) and 443 performances abroad (in 2013: 339). The aggregate attendance of Finnish contemporary circus companies in the year of 2014 was 70.789 spectators in Finland (in 2013: 67.813) and 97.810 spectators abroad (in 2013: 62.181). Compared to the previous year both the numbers in Finland and abroad show an increase.

It is worth acknowledging that the artistic work of circus companies has expanded from performances to new areas like productions of circus-themed short movies, exhibitions of media art and running a multi-art performance venue. The spectators of these are not included in this chart. Nor are the outdoor performances or festival competition shows that gather large crowds (together 21 performances, 24.000 spectators).

It is characteristic for the international nature of circus art that more than a third (38%) of the performances and more than a half of the spectators (58%) for Finnish contemporary circus companies take place outside Finland.

Finnish circus companies’ tours reach all corners of the Globe. During 2014 Finnish circus companies visited a total of 27 countries: besides 19 European countries also in Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Malaysia, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia and the USA.

In addition to performances the companies work with a range of various other activities like organising workshops and circus camps, projects with different target groups, post-show discussions and lectures and work-in-progress shows of their coming productions (demos). Some of the companies have venues, where they can offer residencies also for other companies. Residencies play a meaningful role in the activities of the Cirko – Center for New Circus. Offered residencies are typical for circus art activities, and many circus organisations are currently developing a residency program. Information on other than performance activities are gathered within the other activities chart.

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