Circus from Finland is performed all over the world

The number of circus performances compiled in the statistics of 2013 was altogether 1 232. Out of these the contemporary circus companies produced altogether 978 performances.

The figure shows a decrease by 10% (108 performances), which is mainly derived from performances outside of Finland – in 2013 there was a decrease of 94 performances outside of Finland, from last year.

The aggregate attendance of the circus performances was 358 594 spectators in 2013. Out of these performances the contemporary circus companies gathered an audience of 129.994 spectators.

Compared to previous year, the number of audiences for contemporary companies decreased by 45% (106.765 spectators). More than a half of this is due to a decrease in the international numbers.

The aggregate attendance of Finnish contemporary circus companies in the year of 2013 was 67.813 spectators in Finland (in 2012: 108 532) and 62.181 spectators abroad (in 2012:128 227).

It is worth acknowledging here that the artistic work of circus companies has expanded from performances to new areas like productions of circus themed short movies and exhibitions of media art.

These spectators are not included in this chart. Nor are the outdoor performances that gather large crowds (17 performances, together 35.000 spectators).

The circus statistics have been refined to correspond better to theatre and dance statistics and a number of fire art productions and variety shows are not included in this chart. This has some impact to the decrease in the numbers of 2013.

The 2013 figures for traditional circus, show an increase of a small percentage in both number of performances and spectators.

It is characteristic for the international nature of circus art that nearly a half (35%) of the performances and of the spectators (48%) for Finnish contemporary circus companies take place outside Finland.

Finnish circus companies’ tours reach all corners of the Globe. During 2013 fourteen Finnish circus companies visited a total of 22 countries: besides 15 European countries also in Georgia, Korea, Kina, New Zealand, Brazil, Mexico and the USA.

The 20 circus companies included in the statistics produced altogether 33 first premieres in 2013. The statistics include a list of repertoires of the companies.