The circus statistics comprise both contemporary circus and traditional touring circus. The number of circus performances compiled in the statistics of 2009 was all together 870 performances. The number has increased by 8% from 2008. The statistics of 2009 are lacking the numbers of performances and spectators of fire art groups, which were included in the 2008 statistics. In spite of this, the total number of performances has grown from last year, which is based on the growth of the number of circus performances by contemporary circus companies from 2008 to 2009.  The number of traditional circus performances has remained on the same level as the previous year.

The number of contemporary circus performances compiled in the statistics of 2009 was all together 620 performances. Overlapping caused by reciprocal visits is taken into account in the figures. Compared to the figures of the previous year the number of contemporary circus performances has increased by 47%. Contemporary circus companies without state-subsidy gave 45% of performances in 2009 and a similar percentage value of spectators attended their shows.

The aggregate attendance of the circus performances was 312 430 spectators in 2009. The number is less than 2% lower than the previous year. The decrease in number is due to the lacking fire art groups in these statistics.

The aggregate attendance of Finnish contemporary circus companies in the year of 2009 was 50 003 spectators in Finland, which is one third higher than the previous year, and 52 427 spectators abroad, which is twice the number of 2008. I.e. overseas performances comprise nearly half of Finnish contemporary circus attendance. During 2009, seven Finnish circus companies visited a total of 14 countries.