Presentations of circus shows from Finland for Swedish presenters, online Sept. 19

  • Agit-Cirk: Kadonnut (Kuva: Luis Sartori do Vale)
  • Fragile. Kuva: Aleksi Hakala
  • Nuua: Meanwhile. Kuva: Jouni Ihalainen
  • Säilättäret: Pyhän Päärynän Legenda. Kuva: Joonas Purastie
  • Race Horse Company - O'DD. Photo Minja Kaukoniemi Concept & direction: Rauli Dahlberg Choreographer: Jarkko Mandelin ​On stage: Rauli Dahlberg & Miro Mantere ​Production: Race Horse Company Lighting design: Jere Mönkkönen & Eero Alava ​​Music & sound design: Miro Mantere Set design: Rauli Dahlberg & Jere Mönkkönen Costume design: Viivi Raila & Janni Turtiainen

CircusInfo Finland organises together with Subtopia a pitch-hour with presentations of five circus shows from Finland. Presenters are invited to join the online event in Zoom on Monday September 19, 2022 at 2 pm CET. The language of the event is English. To obtain the link, please register by September 14.  

The shows pitched are:

Agit-Cirk: Missing
Missing is a beautiful, entertaining and sometimes even a little serious wordless contemporary circus performance for families. Its delicate balancing and marvellous partner acrobatics evoke thoughts about the importance of caring and appreciating.

Lehtopolku-Koskela-Poikela-Sadonkorpi-Haapoja: Fragile
Through acrobatics and dance, Fragile explores the interdependencies and kinetic interactions between people. The work approaches virtuoso skill with humanity and gentleness.

Nuua: Meanwhile
Meanwhile is a world that mirrors today’s culture and makes merry with all the pointless ways in which people may spend their time. It is a mix of riveting and dramatic atmospheres that combine with minimalistic comedy through juggling, object manipulation, and visual theatre.

Säilättäret: Legenden om det Heliga Päronet
A mystery play that includes whimsical visual elements and absurd events that surround the festivities of four women celebrating the Holy Pear. The performance combines tightwire dancing, knife throwing, bottle-walking and archery, intertwined with live music and compelling storytelling and singing in Swedish.

Race Horse Company: O’DD
O’DD is an adventure story of humanity at the core of gravity. It is a SciFi-inspired duet of an acrobat and a live-looping musician that takes you on a cinematic journey of ultraphysical circus.’dd

In addition, six more shows and three circus short films from Finland are included in the catalogue that gives you basic information of all the performances and contacts to the companies. The catalogue contains useful information for many occasions. The languages of the catalogue are Swedish and English.  

>> Download the catalogue

Shows presented in the catalogue:
Agit-Cirk: Missing
Blind Gut Company: Transparent Surfaces
Eikka Alatalo: Motör Circus
Lehtopolku-Koskela-Poikela-Sadonkorpi-Haapoja: Fragile
Nuua Company: Meanwhile
Portmanteau: Piste, piste, piste
Race Horse Company: O’DD 
Sisus: Memoirs of Mud 
Säilättäret: Legenden om det Heliga Päronet. / Agit-Cirk: Life After
Jenny Mansikkasalo: Now my heart is full.
Milla Jarko, Ville Koskinen, Sirje Tolonen: 7 minutes for a lifetime
Sisus: Toisin tein