SAMOVAR CIRCLES: Morning coffee webinar & Bonfire “Future of International Collaboration”, Dec. 3

SAMOVAR CIRCLES: Morning coffee webinar & Bonfire “Future of International Collaboration” 
in context of the NouNous Festival 2021
Hosted by CircusInfo Finland

Time: Friday December 3rd at 10–12 EET/ 9–11 CET / 21–23 NZST
Place: Zoom

An online discussion with Thom Monckton (Kallo Collective), Wolfgang Hoffmann (Aurora Nova) and Bětka Hocková (Jatka78) tackles the questions of the future of international collaboration. 

The international field of performing arts is undergoing change both due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the climate emergency. How does the future of international work look like at the moment? What does the year 2021 and soon 2022 concretely look like for performing arts in Europe and globally? – You are most welcome to discuss the topic with our guests and to ask your most burning questions. 

After the webinar, we continue to have a Bonfire session in Zoom break-out rooms.  The language of the event is English. 

10.00–11.00 EET/ 9.00–10.00 CET Webinar on The Future of International Collaboration
short break
11.10–12.00 EET/ 10.10–11.00 CET Bonfire sessions

The event is part of the Samovar Circles short term network activities and is organised by Samovar Circles partner CircusInfo Finland. The webinar and bonfire are moderated by Lotta Nevalainen

Please, register by December 2nd 1 pm CET

Thom Monckton is co-artistic director and co-founder of Finland based physical comedy and contemporary circus company Kallo Collective. He has performed world wide in a number of shows produced by Kallo Collective and other companies, and is a creator in many international collaborations. He joins the discussion from New Zealand.

Wolfgang Hoffmann founded the Berlin based booking agency and consultancy company Aurora Nova in 2001 originally as an alternative venue at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Aurora Nova specializes in bringing physical theatre, contemporary circus and new theatrical formats to festivals and venues worldwide. The company represents a growing roster of highly artistic yet universally entertaining shows.

Bětka Hocková is producer of Jatka78, a leading venue for contemporary circus, dance, non-verbal, alternative and puppet theatre in Prague. Jatka78 contains a multifunctional theatre hall, a small-scale theatre space, a training hall, a rehearsal space, a gallery and a bar. Jatka78 offers residencies for both Czech and international companies and programmes circus all year around.

NouNous festival by Kallo Collective, is a unique 5-day festival of physical comedy in Helsinki. This year NouNous festival takes place during December 1–5, 2021 at Cirko – Center for New Circus.

Samovar Circles is a collective catalyst and boiler of ideas on how to tackle new challenges and opportunities for the performing arts in the post covid era. Samovar Circles is initiated with the aim to support stakeholders across the field to keep going, strengthen their relations and find out together how to build new support structures for the future. Samovar Circles is a short term network (2021–2022) initiated and organised by Subtopia (Sweden), CircusInfo Finland (Finland), Performing Arts Hub (Norway), Teatronas (Lithuania), New Theatre Institute of Latvia (Latvia) and Wildtopia (Denmark).