Performing HEL goes online in September!

Performing HEL showcase presents the most interesting Finnish performing arts for international and Finnish presenters and programmers in Helsinki in September 2021. Due to the exceptional circumstances this year, part of the programme will take place online.

In addition, we have decided to add a few full-length works to the event’s online program.

Registration is still open for Finnish and international presenters until Sunday 29 August.
By signing up you can experience the online program either during the Performing HEL weekend or afterwards!

The online program offers presenters attending the showcase remotely a chance to take part in the opening seminar, pitch programme, seven demo performances and to explore three pre-recorded full-length works.

On Thursday 2 September Performing HEL opens with the seminar “How Finnish and Russian performing arts professionals collaborate despite changing winds?”, which will be streamed live on Youtube.

On Friday 3 and Saturday 4 September our online live streams include all 12 of the artist pitches and 7 demos, with 6 pitches on both days and 3 demos on Friday & 4 on Saturday.

Full details of each day’s pitch and demo programme can be found here:

Pre-recorded full-length pieces available in September on the website:
Tiia Kasurinen: I’m not entirely here… (cybersad) – also live
Michael Baran: Hitler and Blondi – only online
Laura Jäntti: The Ghost Sonata – only online