Focus on… You? Invitation to Collaborate!

During this peculiar spring we’ve held weekly virtual morning coffee meetings for Finnish circus professionals. In May one of the themes was Focus on Germany, where Josa Kölbel (Berlin Circus Festival), Susanne von Essen (Fusion &  at.tension festivals) and Andree Wenzel (BUZZ) joined us and told a bit about their ongoing and upcoming projects, the local circus scene in general and so on. The meeting was very enjoyable for all participants, so we thought: why not do it again?

The conversations continued on 10 June (1–3 pm CET) in collaboration with Dance Info Finland. We discussed what the future/new normal of international festivals and performing arts markets will look like after the covid-19 crisis with guests Vigdis Jakobsdóttir (Reyjavik Arts Festival) & Mike Ribalta (FiraTàrrega).

But there’s room for more! So if you’re a producer, programmer, director or pretty much any other type of professional and would like to virtually meet with a bunch of interested Finns and tell about circus in your country or organization, answer some questions, maybe even ask some and just generally hang out, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Let’s set up a virtual coffee meeting!

Lotta Nevalainen, Head of International Development
+358 50 303 8339,