Presentations of Finnish circus shows for all ages – catalogue released

Presentations of circus shows for all ages are now rounded up in a catalogue and published online. The pdf-publication presents 15 circus performances aimed at children, youth and families. They are suitable for different contexts and surroundings. Some are meant for indoor venues, when others are for outdoors, or to be toured in schools or kindergartens.

The catalogue gives you basic information on the performances, the details for touring and links to trailers and websites. To ask for a full-length recording, please contact the companies. 

Download the catalogue here:

The catalogue was aimed for a Presentation of Circus for All Ages event that would have taken place on March 18, 2020, but the event was cancelled due to the ban by state of emergency. The programme was organised by CircusInfo Finland in cooperation with Assitej Finland and Cultural Centre Caisa in the context of the Bravo! Performing Arts Festival for young audiences. The programme would have included nine pitch-presentations and one full-length show at the Cultural Centre Caisa in Helsinki and in addition an installation exhibition. 

The event had awakened a lot of interest both in Finland and abroad. When actualized the event would have gathered together cultural producers and programmers from Southern Finland, the Nordic and Baltic countries and the UK. Approx 40 of the registrations were from Finland, and 15 from other countries.