CANCELLED: Presentation of Circus Shows for All Ages in Helsinki on March 18, 2020

CircusInfo Finland welcomes presenters to the Presentation of Finnish Circus Shows for All Ages on March 18, 2020. We offer you an opportunity to follow nine pitch presentations of circus shows and to see one full-length show at the Cultural Centre Caisa in Helsinki. All presentations are given in English. The programme is organised in co-operation with Assitej Finland and Cultural Centre Caisa in the context of the Bravo! Performing Arts Festival for young audiences

Wednesday, March 18, 2020, at 16.00–20.15
Venue: Caisa, Kaikukatu 4, 00530 Helsinki

at 16–18 in the auditorium  Pitch hour 
at 18–19 in the lobby  Coffee break, mingle with artists 
at 19–20.15 on the stage Premiere of the show Piste, piste, piste by Mira Ravald and Luis Sartori do Vale & Meet the artists

The pitched shows:

Blind Gut Company: Fish Up a Tree
Fish Up a Tree is an inventive and mesmerizing contemporary circus performance of three buddies whose lives are filled with blunders and surprising moments. Designed for outdoors and also suitable for indoors.

Heini Kiamiri & Taina Mäki-Iso: Hiding
A clown solo by Taina Mäki-Iso for young children, especially 2–3-year-olds. The non-verbal performance includes clown games, interaction with the audience and improvisation.

Ilmatila: Atlas
Atlas is a family-friendly mix of contemporary circus, animation and architecture that combines Ilona Jäntti’s aerial acrobatics with Tuula Jeker’s projections.

Performed in Stoa on March 15–16 as part of Bravo! festival OFF programme.

Kallo Collective: Sandbox
An archaeologist-geographer-sandologist arrives at a regular sandpit to carry out her experiments only to soon find out that the sandpit isn’t as ordinary as it seemed to be… Sandbox creates playful visual and physical comedy that appeals to the whole family.

Lumo Company: UpsideDown
UpsideDown tells stories of growing up and dealing with our insecurities. Acrobatics, handstanding and unicycle bring life to the stories in a unique way. Made to be performed in schools and also suitable for stages.

Race Horse Company: Chevalier
Chevalier is a charming homage to the magnificent horses of traditional circus and the silent movie era. Kalle Lehto’s ringmaster performs acrobatics, juggling and balancing with an amazing cast of hobby horses.

Recover Laboratory: Mönttilaiva
An immersive art and circus installation that can be built into any kind of space. Step inside an invisible submarine to dive into the wondrous deep seas! For kids and the young at heart!

Sirkus Aikamoinen: DuoJag
DuoJag awakens the centuries-old tradition of the circus, where the small touring troupes would gather both young and old townsfolk together to enjoy a performance. Easy to tour for indoor and outdoor.

Sirkus Supiainen: SIRKÜS
SIRKÜS will take you to the world of traditional circus at its peak and full glory. Fun and excitement for all ages. SIRKÜS is what you see when you close your eyes and think how circus was like in movies when you were a kid and looked through a broken window of an old circus wagon.

Full-length show:

Mira Ravald & Luis Sartori do Vale: Piste, piste, piste
Piste, piste, piste is an interdisciplinary performance for children and young audiences, combining contemporary circus, dance and visual arts. The performance is a fascinating journey into the world of shapes and creativity, in which a blank white stage transforms into an imaginative universe with the use of old overhead projectors.

The premiere of Piste, piste, piste is in the OFF-programme of the Bravo! Festival at 19.00.  Meet the artists directly after the show. A video installation by Luis Sartori do Vale is exhibited in the Caisa gallery.

If you are interested in participating, please contact Johanna Mäkelä, head of development (Finland) at

Please, note also:

Kalle Lehto & Yun Pubit: An nyong
An nyong means ”Hello” in Korean. In this wordless performance, two very different individuals want to perform together despite their differences. Performances at the Bravo! festival programme from March 15 to 23.

The Bravo! Performing Arts Festival for young audiences takes over the cultural centres in the Helsinki metropolitan area from 14th to 22nd of March in 2020.