Finnish circus artists and producers will be visiting international festivals and art markets in 2018

  • Visiting PAMS 2017. Photo: Niina Ilola

CircusInfo Finland has a great privilege to organize four networking trips for selected group of Finnish circus professionals in 2018. In addition to attending official program at the festivals and markets, the trips will include visits and meetings with local circus and performing arts organizations.

The trip destinations and selected participants are:

Edinburgh Fringe, August 17th–20th

artist and director Kalle Nio, WHS
producer Antti Suniala, Race Horse Company
and the leader of the trip: producer Sari Lakso, Kallo Collective

FiraTàrrega and Barcelona, September 5th–9th

coordinator Reija Tapaninen, Sirkus Faktori
artist Maria Peltola, Wise Fools
artist and director Henna Kaikula, Sivuhenkilöt/Sidekicks working group

Performing Arts Market in Seoul PAMS, October 7th–12th

artist Petri Tuominen
artist and director Rauli Katajavuori, Sirkus Supiainen

Cinars Biennale, November 12th–17th

artist Sade Kamppila, Circus I Love You
artist Pasi Nousiainen, Duo Kate & Pasi
producer Joonas Martikainen, Silence Festival & Cross-art Collective Piste
artist Inka Pehkonen, Sisus
artist Jenni Lehtinen, Agit-Cirk
producer Inna Huttunen, Recover Laboratory

Circusinfo staff member follows participants to FiraTàrrega and Barcelona, PAMS and Cinars. If you are interested to meet the Finnish delegation, please contact International Affairs Manager Lotta Nevalainen: