Finnish circus widely presented in UK this spring

  • Super Sunday by Race Horse Company. Photo: Petter Hellman

Finnish contemporary circus is widely presented in UK during this spring season. 

Solo performances

Finns started pouring in Britain’s circus scene with Kallo Collective’s and Thom Mocktons’s show Only Bones, which has been selected for the official program of London Mime Festival. It can be seen from 23rd January to 5th February at Soho Theatre, London.

Tightwire artist Hanna Moisala will perform her show WireDo at Circomedia in Bristol 26th–27th January and at Lowry in Manchester 4th February.  Last year Hanna Moisala took part in SIRKUS showcase which offered international programmers a sneak peek to Finnish circus at Jacksons Lane theatre. Hanna works in Lumo Company with an actor Heidi Niemi and they preparing their new show Lola, which can be seen at The Place as part of The Place’s Resolution Festival 2017 on 25th February.

Circus for babies and parents in London

Southbank Centre is giving special focus for Nordic art this year under the concept called Nordic Matters. Nordic Matters is year-long Nordic series of cultural festivals taking place in London 2017. Finnish circus performance for families and especially babies and toddlers, Wow Hoop by Cross Art Collective Piste will be seen part of Southbank Centre’s Imagine Children’s Festival 10th–12th February. Wow Hoop is developed by director Mette Ylikorva and it can be experienced also at the Albany on 14th February and at Jacksons Lane 15th–17th February. Performance is followed by workshop session where participants learn tricks and partner acrobatics with the children.

Race Horse Company on UK tour

Finnish Race Horse Company is having their biggest UK tour so far through Crying Out Loud. In April and June company will visit at least Bangor, Poole, Salford, Norfolk & Norwich Festival, Warwick, Derby and Huddersfield. In addition to Super Sunday company performs Around, a show targeted for children in Barnsley, Luton, London and Cambridge.

CircusInfo visits the Canvas showcase

We too will pop in London to visit the Canvas showcase 18th–20th April. We’ll bring with us some Finnish circus artists and producers to network with international programmers and producers. The new work Taival by Finnish company Cie Nuua will be seen at Canvas showcase at the opening night 18th April.