Tenho refers to the memories and images of circus - sweat, dust, groaning, conctant strain and beating yourself up. Rough bruiser tricks and Chinese chair acrobatics. A strong inconsistency is built between the pure stage image and the harsh process of making it. The distinctive tricks of old circus are stripped of their glamour and bared down to their core. Expertise. Blood, sweat and fears. Foolishness and the significance of simply being also have a cameo...

Tenho is a contemporary circus performance combining double acrobatics and comedy. It is an abstract production in which double acrobatics and physical existence are powerfully present.

It is a consoling portrait of two beings bound to each other. Performers: Jenni Lehtinen and Sasu Peistola.

Duration: 50 min
World premiere: 8.6.2011 Hiljaisuus-festivaali, Kittilä, Finland

Genre: Contemporary circus


Tenho 2011 from Agit Cirk on Vimeo.