The Outsider

A man out of this world suddenly wanders onto the stage. Through the naïve spectacles of a clown The Outsider observes people, technology, the use of alcohol and the consumption craze of earthlings from an outsider's perspective. Can the Outsider solve the problems he encounters, or is the modern way of life simply too much for him?

The Outsider is a fairy-tale for adults where theatre and film go hand in hand. The show combines stage clownery, magic, modern technology and various special effects. It leans on the visual language of the silent films of Charles Chaplin and Buster Keaton while blending all the elements into a contemporary format - in a full colour 4D version! The Outsider is Janne Raudaskoski's second
solo production for theatre.

Duration: 1h 15min
World premiere: Espoon kaupunginteatteri, Louhisali 21.9.2011