Four roles and four persons behind the roles. The roles will be cast aside during the performance, as if to ask what is being hidden behind them in the first place. Skillfull movement with a twist of madness, strongman tricks and juggling are the core of this contemporary circus show that is framed with live music and video design. Focus
is on the beauty of human capabilities, the things we can do and the things we fail to do.
Sceno soundscape spans from early electronic music to acoustic live music.

The performance is a diverse collection of scenes in which humour meets austerity. The soundscape of the show is an eclectic compilation of moods, varying from the roots of electronic music to acoustic tunes.

Duration: noin 50 min
World premiere: 16.5.2015 Cirko–Uuden sirkuksen keskus, Helsinki

Genre: Contemporary circus, For all ages


AGIT-CIRK: Sceno - teaser1 from Agit Cirk on Vimeo.