Wonderfully Much of Everything

A van full of junk and surprises gets a new life. Shovels, planks, plastic plants and drink crates work as the inspiration for acrobatics, dance and the birth of really bad ideas. Ever seeking out clashes and collisions, this inexplicable and ingenuous performance is made by freshly graduated artists.

The set design of the performance are things that from one angle seem like junk or trash, but seen from the viewpoint of circus turn into an inspiring playground. Useless creativity uplifts the mundane objects and forms them to become parts of beautiful and imaginative imagery.

Wonderfully much of everything is the second production of Clunker Circus.

Duration: 60 min
World premiere: 13.3.2014, Cirko - Uuden sirkuksen keskus, Helsinki

Genre: Contemporary circus


Clunker Circus: Wonderfully much of everything- Trailer from Maracat Caravan on Vimeo.