Contemporary circus has managed to change the perception of circus as just entertainment for children and families, full of clowns, elephants, acrobats and horses. It’s time to make the change complete!

The human mind is strange and filled with rancid thoughts. While watching a performance the mind might wander and make weird associations… and suddenly we find ourselves imagining all sorts of perversions. These perversions are brought to the stage as different materials, figures and sounds. A one-man circus-orchestra creates a melancholy atmosphere. The performance combines flamenco, leather, heavy metal and crazy figures – among other things.

Nahkanaama is an outrageous performance so full of dark humour that it will make your stomach hurt. The journey won’t leave audiences cold. You want to experience this circus and set all your responsibilities aside for the duration of the show!

Duration: 60 min
World premiere: 31.8.2017 Kulttuurikeskus Stoa, Helsinki

Genre: Contemporary circus


Sirkus Aikamoinen/Jouni Ruuth - Nahkanaama from SirkusAikamoinen on Vimeo.