In their new circus performance Urbotek Race Horse Company explores the modern world of endless parties and survival of the fittest, it's characters searching for fulfillment with a phone in hand. Unconventional acrobatics, object manipulation and dance as tools, with a crazy wink in the eye, the piece is provocative, weird, and beautiful.

The show has it all; durable sustainable materials, amazing silencer-zen technology, beautiful sexy circus people, dangerously sharp acrobatic skills, ultra flying juggling objects, larger than life characters, wondrous whirling dancing, you name it. There's more of everything, anything's available and there's nothing you can't do..! From the award winning circus group, Urbotek has something for everyone and even more of what you don´t need.

Holding up a wonky mirror Urbotek reflects back on the obsessions of the modern world, questions the concept of urban life, the way we live and the things that are ultimately hard to accept.

Duration: 60 min
World premiere: 16.11.2017 La Breché, Cherbourg, Les Boreales Festival, France

Genre: Contemporary circus


Race Horse Company - Urbotek - Trailer from Race Horse Company on Vimeo.