Are we living in a technological utopia or dystopia?

Machine is a contemporary circus piece that explores the relationship between present-day technology and human being. The work initiated from the necessity to highlight the growing role of technology, especially the role of digital technology, in our human reality, and the ways that it changes both individuals and the society. Machine takes a critical approach to this progress so often taken for granted.
In the performance human bodies and technical devices are having a dialogue in a surrealistic landscape. Humane and digital, flesh and metal are seeking meanings to each other and to their own existence. Where one ends and the other begins? Who is the master and who is the slave? The three performers; a tightrope dancer, an aerial acrobat and an object-manipulator dig deep into the core of their own disciplines with all their skill and heart trying to lure out the essence of their craft. At the same time, they are creating new technical innovations never seen before in the field of circus.

Duration: 60 min
World premiere: 17.11.2016 La Brèche, Cherbourg-en-Contentin, France

Genre: Contemporary circus


Machine_trailer 2017 from BLIND GUT COMPANY on Vimeo.