Juggler, acrobat and performance artist creates a continuity of absurd scenes around the themes of control, manipulation and pain. Scenes follow one another creating a raw performance with a mixture of black humour and oddness. A thin layer of white dust covers the floor and spreads around the air while a juggler is hitting his uncontrollable legs with his clubs. A man breaks through from a costume made of melted candle wax. People are manipulated with dog leashes and collars in animalistic struggles. Falls, crashes and physical

Taival mixes contemporary dance, juggling and visual theatre on stage to create a performance around human bodies, their functions and gestures. The natural presence of performers is mixed with amplified sounds of simple actions inviting the spectators to a more close-to-human experience. Freely mixing different performing art forms, Taival is versatile, rough and corporal work of contemporary circus.

What kind of roles do beauty and pain play in our lives? Often these two are merely linked. Isn’t pain a bit poetic as beauty? Can we introduce this flaky world to the viewers?

Light designer Teo Lanerva has been developing his personal approach for this piece. Light plays it’s own role by being in constant interacting with the spectators. Video projectors are used as a source of light than a storytelling element. Projected material is living in the moment with the help of the operator and sensors of movement and volume. Making the lights to live with the performers.

The soundsscape of Taival is contracted partly on stage with multiple microphones and loop machines. By bringing the sounds of the performers and objets to focus we get closer zoom to the human bodies and details. Audience will feel the real side of the circus technique the one that is usually painful
to the artist, but beautiful to watch. Alongside with the visual effect we bring forward our breath, stress and pressure that we feel during the extreme movements, the other side of virtuosity.

Taival invites it’s audience to a trip throughout the absurd happenings, changing scene images, where multitalented circus artists Vuorinen, Ihalainen and Froidevaux are ignoring the traditional and mixes the performing arts styles towards more personal contemporary circus performance. Performances is ment to feel real and it’s stage art fantasy stripping style will bring it towards more personal levels. Not only to it’s artists but for it’s audiences as the performance opens up in a little difference ways..

Duration: 60 min
World premiere: 20.10.2016 Théatre de Hautepierre, Strasbourg, France

Genre: Contemporary circus


Taival teaser from Nuua Company on Vimeo.