100 000 000 % – A Reality Show For Hoops And Drums

Recover Laboratory's new stage show, 100 000 000 %, is a reality show for hoops and drums directed by a visual artist. We really do give one hundred million percent is this show.

There’s jumping, running, spinning of the hoops, crawling, getting electric shocks, getting other kinds of shocks, improvising, thinking nothing, thinking about what we just did, getting exhausted, staring, drumming around, and listening very carefully. The aim is to overcome the natural self-censorship and self-consciousness of the artist. The performance shows some raw and head-on connection between the performers, framed in the familiar structures of reality tv.

100 000 000 % combines traditional drumming and the newest electronic drum technology with shape-shifting hoops, sweaty movement, and wonderfully ugly reality-show-styled video art. The piece brings together the experience of human contact – that we have accumulated in our immersive and site-specific labyrinths – and the traditional stage situation.

Duration: 60
World premiere: June, 2021, Cirko

Genre: Contemporary circus